Ready, Steady…

I have set up my blog, written my mission statement and signed up to the Classics Club with fifty of my woefully neglected titles. I have combed my bookcase for unread volumes (there are many – I acquire books faster than I can read them), and am about to visit the library for good measure.

But before I begin, I feel I should write a short disclaimer. I will strive to read a balance of old books and new, books by women and men, books by writer’s of different races, nationalities and backgrounds. But I don’t promise to be perfect. I have already noted that there are only fifteen titles by women on my classics list, but this is because I have already read a lot more books by women than by men. I know that my list is mostly European authors; that is because quite frankly I do not know which books from other countries are classics without doing some more research, or without someone kindly pointing me in the right direction.

So, I am all set up to begin on my imperfect quest and in the very likely misquoted words from Scarlett O’Hara: I’ll think about that tomorrow.


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