An update and the next book

You would be forgiven for thinking I’ve forgotten about this blog but life sometimes gets in the way. This week I had all of my time taken up with looking after a poorly baby and any spare moments have been spent sleeping. Most of the time I have not even managed to pick up a book as I have had a baby in my arms for much of my waking (and sleeping) time. But I knew that this challenge wouldn’t be done speedily before I started so I won’t dwell on it or beat myself up.

I actually finished The Code of the Woosters last Monday, but haven’t had chance to gather my thoughts about it yet – that will follow tomorrow hopefully. My next book fell in to my hands on Wednesday, when I had to cancel the book club meeting at my house at short notice when my son came down with his illness. One member didn’t get the message and deposited the next book in to my hands before she went on to the correct address, our book club’s summer read: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. This is a book I have been meaning to read for a while on account of it winning the Man Booker Prize in 2013, as well as having heard a lot of good things about it. I think I have not got round to reading it so far because of its size, it’s a true door-stopper. So I have decided to set myself the challenge of reading it in three weeks, which means I need to read about forty pages a day – otherwise I can see myself getting lost in it for months.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on Wodehouse as soon I get the chance and updates on my progress with The Luminaries. I would love to hear what others think of it as I go along, although please don’t tell me you didn’t like it before I get started as there’s nothing worse than starting a book with negative expectations, especially when it’s eight hundred pages long!


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